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 By Anders Kungsman & Mariya Staugaard 

The Meeting Place
Rådhushaven, Copenhagen · 14–20 August

Arcadia is a welcoming and friendly meeting space, where you can withdraw with friends – new and old – family or alone, plan your day and connect with others.

Nestled in the garden of the city hall, Arcadia is a green and airy space to breathe and take sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of energetic city life and Copenhagen 2021 activities. At Arcadia #YouAreIncluded and we intend to leave no-one behind.

Bring your brunch, lunch or coffee and settle on the lawn or in one of the bean-bag chairs, hammocks, or beach chairs.
Arcadia offers good vibes and tranquil moments between diving into Copenhagen 2021 activities all over the city. The green lawns and peddle stones create space for a game of croquet or boule, while parasols offer shade from the August sun.
Maybe you are in the mood for a board game ? Borrow one from the rich variety in the Info-tent and invite others to join in.

There will be daily friendship speed-dating sessions for people to meet and mingle with like-minded others. There is always someone who wants to meet you !
Includers will be present and ready to provide information about the many activities in Copenhagen 2021 and make Arcadia a safer space for all.

Fluid Festival
Celebrating women, genderqueer and non-binary identities Gammel Strand, Copenhagen · 13–21 August

Focusing in on the fluidity of gender expression, sexuality, and gender identity, Fluid Festival offers up an inclusive space for women, genderqueer and non-binary people. At Gammel Strand – one of the most beautiful squares in the center of Copenhagen – we will proudly move through an eight-day colourful program of performances, debates, speeches, and installations.

The programme will be a representation of women, genderqueer and non-binary identities and embrace, respect and challenge the understanding of gender expression. There will be a daytime political festival with both speakers and international activists and a daily spot, Writers Voice, where writers from around the world share their poetry. As day turns to evening, we will create atmospheric summer evenings with performances, complemented by large lounge areas, dining areas, drinks bars, areas for outdoor plays, six wooden rafts floating in the canal and a ramp down to the water.

Fluid Festival will be a wonderful opportunity for experiences, meetings, presence, love, celebration – a unique opportunity to be exactly who you are in the safe understanding that #YouAreIncluded. Fluid Festival has a zero-tolerance approach to any kind of discrimination.

Huset 2021 : Main House

HusetKBH, Copenhagen · 14–21 August

Huset 2021 : Main House is about celebrating the power of the LGBTI+ youth through talks, workshops, movies and more, but it is also an opportunity for young people to explore and develop themselves in a safer environment. During the event ‘Safer Spaces’ will be present to create a sense of safety that ideally makes a home.

The House also evokes feel of the Danish ‘højskole’, where self-reflection and improvement is at the core of the experience.

Main House will be activated on five floors transformed into rooms of a house, each with its own theme and gravity. You can read more about the themes in the Copenhagen 2021 app.

Huset 2021 : Front Yard
Nybrogade, Copenhagen · 14–21 August

Just around the corner from Main House you will find Huset 2021 : Front Yard. The outdoor area opens for a beautiful, welcoming space right along the canal, facing the Danish parliament.

Front Yard is a place for LGBTI+ young people and their allies to spread their wings in all their colours. With a program created by a wide range of LGBTI+ and other political and humanitarian youth organizations, the young people will get the opportunity to express themselves out in the open, create dialogue and share their LGBTI+ activism and agenda.

Rainbow Children @ BLOX
Breaking the binary in the most playful of ways ! BLOX, Copenhagen · 13–21 August

Where children and their families can break the binary in the most playful way !

For the children’s area at Copenhagen 2021 focus will be on creating a loving, caring, and playful area for rainbow children and children alike aged 6–13. Situated at BLOX, Copenhagen 2021’s Rainbow Children will play with the square and boxy look of the Danish Architecture Centre that the square adjoins. At Rainbow Children we play outside the box, next to it and on top of it.

The program at Rainbow Children @ BLOX will be created by the artist collective De Sceneste, who have a background in the world of performing arts for children. The square will feature installations, workshops and events that are all in some sense a reflection on the word interactive. During school hours there will be a program that is connected to learning, knowledge and developing skills.

The adults will not be left out at Rainbow Families @ BLOX. They can network with other rainbow parents and their allies while enjoying the moment and lounging at the adjoining café.

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