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 By Anders Kungsman & Mariya Staugaard 

WorldPride House
Malmö Live, Malmö · 12–22 August

In Malmö, you are invited to take part in a spectacular programme which includes a range of activities from art exhibitions, performances and celebrations to political and societal discussions, with Pride at its core. ­Welcome to WorldPride House !

For eleven days, the concert and congress hall Malmö Live will turn into WorldPride House : a safer space for the community and everyone visiting WorldPride in Malmö. Expect a wide range of lectures, workshops and debates created by and with the community.

There will be more than 100 different events to join and participate in. There will be interactive spaces and lectures, mixed with workshops, courses, and DIY-activities, as well as various pop-up exhibits in different parts of the house. Issues related to human rights, politics, sexuality, health, culture, work, family and violence are at the centre of the discussions. For those who are not able to physically visit WorldPride House several events will be streamed in real time and made available afterwards.

As part of the Human Rights Forum, the WorldPride House will also host the Refugees, Borders and Immigration Summit on 20 August.

WorldPride House is organised by Malmö Pride in collaboration with international, national, regional, and local organizations.

Arts & Culture in Malmö

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and known for being a melting pot of cultures and people. The perfect location for Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride and EuroGames on the Swedish side. You get to experience culture, exciting food, and a lively social scene. And on top you are invited to dive into the vibrant arts & culture scene with its colorful, diverse, daring and entertaining WorldPride programme. The whole city takes part, from theatres, museums and the city’s archive to cinemas, youth clubs and parks. From WorldPride House to WorldPride Park and the urban stadium district.

It is about human rights and equality, using art as a powerful way to engage and challenge norms. You can go to movie screenings, dance performances and storytelling sessions about Malmö’s LGBTI+ history. Or find out more about activism in Malmö and stroll through exhibitions, indoors, outdoors or digitally.

WorldPride Park
WorldPride Park is the playful and inspiring place in the heart of Malmö. We invite you to enjoy art exhibitions and imaginative performances. You can also have a picnic with your loved ones on the grass or go to one of the parks many outdoor cafes. Every corner of the park has something to offer, like playgrounds, halfpipes and an open-air cinema. Even a big neon light heart, which is one of our WorldPride Wedding spots. Watch out for the various Pride themed events that will take place throughout the festival. At WorldPride Park, there is something for everyone!
Youth Pride
Pride is of greatest importance for our youth and therefore we work to ensure safety and festival content relevant for our younger participants at WorldPride 2021. Youth Pride at Amiralen next to WorldPride Park is arranged within its own area for everyone to feel comfortable and free to express themselves. During the festival you can participate in workshops like building your own signs and protest posters or just hang out. There will be other special activities like a karaoke themed open stage. Youth Pride is for people at the age 13–19 years old.
Pride for children and families

Learning to safeguard the equal value of human beings cannot begin too early ! Through games, workshops, films, talks and much more, Copenhagen 2021 aims to create an eye-opening permissive environment where the child’s wellbeing and best interests are always in focus. There will be gathering spots for rainbow families, partially for exchanges of experiences but also to create unity and a sense of belonging. Informative and educational activities and events will also be arranged here.

Going to Malmö during WorldPride is also a good way to meet the local LGBTI+ community. There will be lots of spaces all over town to visit and talk to the locals and artists. Like the queer bookstore café, the Malmö Queer Film Festival, club bars and opera and theatre foyers. Many of the events can be followed digitally and there is an interactive city guide on Malmö’s LGBTI+ history.

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