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Everyone loves a souvenir from their travels, and we’ve got an amazing array of official merchandise products available. There’s something for every taste, and as these are official products you’re contributing towards the cost of our events – so thank you for purchasing !

hummel donate 1 % of their online sales to LGBTI+ purposes and are also a proud main official partner of Copenhagen 2021. Or OPENHAGEN as they call it.

“OPENHAGEN is in reality not a geographical expression. It’s the name of a dream. A dream of a better world where everyone is welcome. So get ready to join the festivities – let’s experience the drive by celebrating

TOGETHER. The more we are, and the louder we are, the stronger the message we send out into the world. The struggle for inclusion should not be fought by the excluded alone. We must all fight for tolerance and openness. We must all become citizens of OPENHAGEN.”

Visit, visit the hummel truck at WorldPride Square or the Sports Village at Islands Brygge, and look out for their pop-up retailers!

A joint celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames