Human Rights Forum

Human Rights Forum · 16–21 August

 By Anders Kungsma 

Human rights should be at the core of all LGBTI+ events. That’s why Copenhagen 2021 will feature several human rights-focused events from 16 to 21 August to push our agenda of equality and diversity forward. During six days through debates, workshops, panels, and conversations we want to change the hearts and minds of people to create a more inclusive world. That’s why we say : #YouAreIncluded.
LGBTI+ Fair at UN City · 16 August
The vision of the United Nations LGBTI+ Fair is to create opportunities for participants to meet United Nations agencies that will showcase their work and research in LGBTI+ inclusion. An inclusive space created for an open dialogue and interaction between the participating agencies and the audiences from communities and allies representing different parts of the globe. The Fair will be made accessible globally through various interactive digital and physical programmes. Content from the Fair will also be made available to the broader public after the event on different platforms.
Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly at Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen · 20 August
220 elected officials from all over the world will gather for an LGBTI+ Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly at Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament. A diverse group of elected officials from different parties, regions, backgrounds, and beliefs will make this event an impactful networking and learning experience. We work together closely with our executive partners, the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Parliamentarians for Global Action, and the Victory Institute. Together, we have put together an ambitious program including elected officials and speakers coming from all over the world, including challenging regions.
1 :1 Democracy Festival
at Kvægtorvet, Copenhagen · 16–21 August

The 1 :1 Democracy Festival brings together politicians, activists and members of the public in an informal and open setting to create a space for awareness and an understanding of issues and challenges faced by different intersectional minorities around the world. At the Festival we will discuss LGBTI+ inclusion but will also create spaces for a broader discussion on inclusion and anti-discrimination. Two large tents will provide space for debates, panels and workshops and there will be an important presence of civil society organizations hosted in various smaller tents.

The 1 :1 Democracy Festival will give participants to the other events the chance to interact with local and international activists and visitors in a less formal setting and provide the space for open discussions about different topics. It will enable everyone to have their voices heard by directly addressing policymakers and give activists a platform to draw the attention of politicians and the public to inclusion related challenges around the globe.

Participants that cannot attend physically will be able to participate through various interactive digital and physical programs.

Human Rights Conference
at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen · 17–19 August

Hundreds of human rights defenders and activists will gather for the Copenhagen 2021 Human Rights Conference, the most significant LGBTI+ conference this year. The conference is open for human rights defenders and activists, elected officials, academics, NGOs, media, Pride organizers and sports leaders in the field of LGBTI+ rights, and anybody else interested in the more in-depth LGBTI+ cause.

HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark, as Patron of Copenhagen 2021, will speak at the Opening Plenary hosted by Terry Reintke MEP and Phyll Opoku-Gyimah.

Our goal is to include all representations under the LGBTI+ acronym in the program and to be highly aware of intersectionality in our planning. This includes representation in relation to geography, racialization, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, religion and appearance.

Workplace Inclusion Day
at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen · 18 August
The LGBTI+ Workplace Inclusion Day is organised in partnership with Workplace Pride – the international platform for LGBTI+ inclusion at work – and will focus on how to create workplaces where everyone can be themselves. It will cover all sides of the story from creating supporting structures within organisations to corporate advocacy that can impact LGBTI+ non-friendly legislation through plenary sessions, ‘town halls’ and breakout sessions. Workplace Inclusion Day is sponsored by our official partner Maersk.
Refugees, Borders and Immigration Summit
at Malmö Live, Malmö · 20 August

The Refugees, Borders and Immigration Summit will have an international focus and target transnational situations and gather a broad audience both digitally and physically. The event will be held in English and interpreted into French, Spanish, Swedish and International Sign Language.

The programme is planned in close collaboration with executive partners Rainbow Railroad, ORAM Refugee, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International with strong support from regional organizations working with the LGBTI+ refugee community and the UNHCR. We are aiming for an inclusive event, covering contemporary situations and discussions, putting people with lived experiences at the centre.

The summit will cover topics such as displacement drivers, pathways, arrival at the destination country, the asylum-seeking process and resettlement also including networking opportunities.

Co-hosts of the summit are the Swedish LGBTI+ policy expert Ulrika Westerlund and Alice Bah Kuhnke, Swedish MEP and former Minister of Culture and Democracy.

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