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It has been a complicated road to EuroGames® this year, and EGLSF is very happy to be able to pronounce the words  : Welcome to EuroGames® 2021 in Copenhagen !

EuroGames® is Europe’s leading and largest LGBTI+ multi-sport event, organised by the LGBTI+ sporting community, licensed by the EGLSF, and hosted annually by a member organisation. EuroGames® 2021 in Copenhagen is the 19th edition of this European celebration of LGBTI+ sport.

As well as licensing EuroGames®, EGLSF also exists to promote access to sport for the LGBTI+ community, to challenge LGBTI+ phobia in sport, and advocate for equality and human rights of LGBTI+ people within all areas of sport and at all levels. EuroGames® is an opportunity for the strong European LGBTI+ sports movement to participate and celebrate, but also to stand strongly together against the challenges that face our community  : COVID19 pandemic recovery, further backsliding of democracy and attacks on human rights, the rise of the anti-gender and anti-LGBTI+ movements, widening socioeconomic inequalities and more. Sport and physical activity are integral to our progress and recovery and so it is fitting that EuroGames® are a prominent part of Copenhagen 2021.

We wish you success in your events, the opportunity to beat your personal bests and make lifelong friendships with your European neighbours ! We look forward to meeting you and celebrating EuroGames 2021 !

Good luck – play hard and fair !