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For more than half a century, Pride events have been one of the most impactful declarations of our existence and visibility. The visibility that places LGBTI+ people at the centre of conversation and gives us agency over our lives, for visibility deconstructs myths, lies, and prejudices surrounding our realities.

Across the world, we have been reclaiming our space in both private and public places. Improvement somewhere is improvement everywhere ! We celebrate progress, remember the past, and look into the future with hope and commitment. Yet, over 68 countries still criminalise LGBTI+ people, hate crimes and discrimination remain rampant, and equality before the law is yet to be met everywhere.

The challenges of our times are profound. As violent environments, oppression, and racism mark our lives, we continuously question how Pride best reinvents itself – questions Pride organisers ponder to ensure more diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to LGBTI+ people who are the Pride makers. In this quest for participation, we also turn to our trailblazers, who have been forging the path we proudly stand on today. For our direct contribution to WorldPride 2021, InterPride chose to reflect and address these exigencies.

From NYC 2019 to Copenhagen 2021, Sydney 2023, and beyond, WorldPride is a formidable global event we are proud to license to a member organisation, who further develops and reinvents it. This flagship event empowers Pride organisations wherever they are through knowledge transfer, networking, camaraderie, and a compounded visibility for our diversity.
Across the multitude of our identities, orientations, opinions, positions, and expressions, Pride collates the contributions of LGBTI+ people, friends, families, communities, organisations, and governments. It is a mosaic of identities that enables a more substantial impact where each person honours their individuality and keeps an eye on the other.

On behalf of InterPride, the Co-Presidents welcome you to Copenhagen 2021 ! Pride is a celebration as much as it is about making a statement. Whatever way you choose to observe Pride, know that you are included.

Happy WorldPride 2021 !

From the Co-Presidents of InterPride, Linda DeMarco Julian Sanjivan Hadi Damien