Welcome from our Patron, Her Royal Highness

The Crown Princess of Denmark

It is a great pleasure and honour for me as Patron to welcome you all to Copenhagen 2021 – the most significant LGBTI+ event in 2021. Bringing together WorldPride, EuroGames, an arts and culture program and a LGBTI+ human rights forum, Copenhagen 2021 is set to be an event we will all remember for many years to come.

Throughout the last year, COVID19 has brought about unprecedented challenges, sorrow and isolation for people and communities all around the world. In times of crisis, minority groups are often disproportionately affected, and the LGBTI+ community has felt this strongly throughout the pandemic.

Challenging times are times in which we unite, times where we come together to find a new path forward and focus on those who are most vulnerable. Copenhagen 2021 represents hope – hope that soon we will have paved the way to a world where everyone can live their right to be exactly who they are, and where the 1948 promise that human rights be universal and innate is fulfilled and where those human rights apply to all.

WorldPride and EuroGames is a celebration of inclusivity and mutual respect. Visitors can look forward to rainbow flags flying throughout the beautiful cities of Copenhagen and Malmö from 12–22 August. We are looking forward to welcoming you and celebrating our common values of equality and human rights.

I wish us all a happy WorldPride and EuroGames.

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