Welcome to Copenhagen

and welcome to the celebration of diversity and inclusion throughout the city

 By Copenhagen Visitor Service 

 By Copenhagen Visitor Service 

In 1989, Copenhagen wrote world history being the first city in the world allowing registered same-sex partnerships. In 2010, same-sex couples were given the right to adopt on an equal footing with heterosexual couples, in 2012, it became legal to get married in the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, and in 2019, a new law was passed by the City of Copenhagen to ensure future work towards securing all Copenhageners equal opportunities regardless of sexuality, gender identity or gender expression.

Copenhagen is a tolerant capital with plenty of room for differences. Dive into an abundance of delicious gastronomic hubs, amazing museums, inclusive urban spaces or simply enjoy the great atmosphere. Copenhagen is yours to explore.

A royal fairytale

Copenhagen is the perfect mix of old, half-timbered houses, renaissance splendour, beautiful green parks, open spaces, and contemporary architecture. Walk the old cobblestone streets in the city and feel the presence of history around every corner. The many castles bear witness to the city being the home of kings and queens for centuries. The Danish Monarchy, a constitutional one since 1849, is still in function and one of the oldest in the world today. Enjoy a visit to Rosenborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace and Amalienborg Palace, where the royal family resides in the city, and spend time in some of the city’s many history museums to learn more about Denmark and Copenhagen.

Art and design

Denmark is well-known for functional and timeless design as well as great art museums and galleries. The art and design scene in Copenhagen covers everything from classic marble sculptures and Danish Golden Age paintings to contemporary art and street art. From small exhibition venues to world-famous international art galleries ; explore Copenhagen as a city of art and design.
Copenhagen from above
See Copenhagen from a different perspective and do not miss out on great panoramic views from one of the city’s iconic towers. Be at eye level with more than 500 towers, enjoy the sight of the old roof-tops of the inner city and the sight of Sweden and the Øresund Bridge on a clear day.
The Harbour Circle
A great way to explore central Copenhagen is by following the Harbour Circle, a 13-kilometre bike and walking path. The path is signposted and takes you through new neighbourhoods, urban nature, classic Copenhagen, and everything in-between along the harbour.
Bike City
A great and convenient way to explore Copenhagen and get off the beaten track is by bike. Copenhagen ranks as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. New bicycle paths, bridges and innovative solutions are designed every year to improve the infrastructure for cyclists. The bike paths will guide you safely through Copenhagen, offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy innovative urban spaces, modern and historical architecture, lovely green parks and a diverse waterfront.
Know Your ‘Bro – Free Digital Walking Tours
Local voices, hidden treasures, and fascinating stories. The Know Your ‘Bro walking tours offer an authentic twist to your Copenhagen stay by unfolding the diverse neighbourhoods of Copenhagen. Get off the beaten track and become a temporary local with digital walking tours in the districts of young, buzzing and multi-cultural Nørrebro, unpolished, diverse and hip Vesterbro, child-friendly, climate-conscious and historic Østerbro and former industrial, densely populated and waterfront Amager. All you need is a smartphone and an appetite for adventure. The stories are location-specific and can only be unlocked when you are on the routes.
Sustainable Copenhagen
Copenhagen has one of the world’s most ambitious climate policies with a goal of being the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025. But we need your help to keep Copenhagen wonderful, so thank you for looking after our city.