Welcome to Malmö

– a diverse and young city !

 By Malmö stad 

We´ve prepared a spectacular program for you ! A celebration of joy, love and LGBTI+ rights where accessibility and intersectionality stand in the forefront. We are happy to
be hosting WorldPride and EuroGames on the Swedish side with our city being a perfect match.

Malmö is Sweden’s most diverse city and the third biggest in the country. When you explore the streets, squares and parks of Malmö, you will hear a great number of different languages spoken, besides Swedish. More than 175 different nationalities live and work in Malmö. There is a good chance you can communicate with locals in your mother language.

Malmö is also Sweden’s youngest city, with almost half the inhabitants under the age of 35. This is reflected in the cultural scene, in the skate parks and not least in the open attitudes of the people living here. And it has a positive effect on prices and costs. Malmö offers a wide range of places to eat, drink and stay that fits every budget.

Open-minded and forward-thinking

There is no need to point out specific LGBTI+ spots because all of Malmö is LGBTI+ friendly. It is people and places in our little big town which create an openminded and inclusive atmosphere. No matter if you play boardgames at an underground club in the industrial area in the eastern part of Malmö. Or if you just want to relax with a tasty cocktail at Lilla Torg in the touristy part of the old town. You will meet the same respect and kindness no matter where you go. If you want to go to specific LGBTI+ places visit the Red Shoe Bar or Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, Malmö’s popular sauna and sea bath house, with a monthly QueerKallis day.

Characterized by its history as a former port city with a strong shipbuilding industry it is no surprise that Malmö has an open and a forward-thinking attitude. These days, the factories and shipyards have given way to a modern city focusing on education, sustainability and the gaming industry. With spaces for arts and culture, stretching from the fine arts to underground clubs. Malmö is currently ranked 7th in the Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Index.

Flavours of the World

Malmö is known for its food from all over the world. From Scandinavian cuisine to oriental flavours and is called Sweden’s falafel capital. You can fine dine at a Michelin-awarded restaurant or get your hands on yummy fast food. If you want to explore the many different cultures and tastes at once, the neighbourhood of Möllevången is the place to be. With the square Möllevångstorget at its centre, there are many restaurants offering all kinds of food suitable for all budgets. The hustle and bustle of this district can be best observed from one of the many bars and restaurants surrounding the square.

Close by is a former shopping mall which today is a hub for the city’s creatives and an arts marketplace. It is called Mitt Möllan and their food court offers lunch options such as Vietnamese noodles, Indian curries and vegan ice-cream. If you are a hardcore foodie, you should book a guided food tour. Just to make sure you taste all the exiting specialities from the wide array of international food stores.
Other popular places are Friisgatan street and Davidshallstorg square. Both offer plenty of restaurants and trendy stores with a very laid-back vibe. The opposite is Lilla Torg in the old part of town. With cobblestone streets surrounded by historical buildings this square draws crowds from every corner of the city and tourists alike. It is packed with bars, restaurants and cafes making it a perfect spot for a Swedish fika and a cocktail. Another trendy food court is Malmö Saluhall situated in an old freight depot located next to Malmö Live, the venue for WorldPride House.

Town by the sea
To see Malmö from a different side, cruise along on the city’s canal. It leads through parks, the harbour, the old and modern part of town. Locals like to kayak or stand-up paddle on the canal which leads into the open sea. Look out for a twisted skyscraper on the horizon, the Turning Torso, Scandinavia’s tallest building. Follow the tower and you will find yourself in the Western Harbour which has a vast and beautiful ocean front. From there take a stroll along the beach and visit Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. A one-stop spa shop with sea bathing, sauna and restaurant.
Meet the locals
The best way to get around town is by bike because everything is just a stone’s throw away. Visit one of Malmö’s many beautiful parks. You should definitely try out the locals’ favourite past time activity “parkhäng” (park-hangout). Grab a blanket and head to one of the biggest parks, Folkets Park, Pildammsparken and Slottsparken. You will find people with different ethnicities and political views as well as stories which they will happily share with you. It is a different summer in Malmö in 2021. But then different can be exciting. Welcome to WorldPride and EuroGames and thanks for being part of making our town more diverse. #YouAreIncluded

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