from the chairs of Copenhagen Pride and Pan Idræt

Photo  : Daniel Rasmusssen

It is our honour, our privilege, and our pride to welcome you to Copenhagen 2021, celebrating WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö. We’ve created an historic event under even greater historic circumstances and global challenges than any WorldPride and EuroGames ever before. We have met all challenges with the resilience so characteristic of our community, where so many continue to fight for their fundamental freedoms and rights, and we have met them conscious of the fact that the pandemic has again highlighted the global inequalities – most of which hit our community harder than most.

When the idea of a Copenhagen 2021 was first conceived in 2015, no one imagined what it would ultimately become, nor the obstacles along the way that would turn the project into an ultra-marathon. We have been sad witnesses to the mandated cancellation of countless other events, both LGBTI+ and otherwise both this year and last. But at the heart of our event, we are incredibly proud of the capacity for sports and for Pride to bring people together. And we will most definitely all be together, either in person or digitally. We are organising the largest LGBTI+ human rights and cultural programme ever, an ambitious EuroGames with many sports, a Sports Leader Conference and a WorldPride that looks different to those we know, but which still has the global LGBTI+ community at heart.

As we pass on the torch and the honour we have had in building Copenhagen 2021 to Nijmegen and Belgrade for the 2022 EuroGames and EuroPride and to Sydney for WorldPride in 2023, we hope that these ten days in our cities will bring immense joy and much needed togetherness to our community.

Lars Henriksen, Copenhagen Pride
Christian Bigom, Chair, Pan Idræt

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